It takes a ridiculous amount of tea to maintain this blog, so if you find it useful, please consider supporting the Free From Lymphedema blog.

The mission of this blog and documenting my journey is to find out if it is possible to cure lymphedema, and how. According to the current state of medicine, it is not possible – which I find unacceptable.

There are lymphedema support groups, organizations and associations that acknowledge (and by that, reinforce) that lymphedema is a lifelong illness, once you have got it and there is no known cure for it, but how many illnesses we know about that had been said to be incurable, once upon a time? Let’s just take cancer, for instance.

Your donation will not only go toward my tea supply, but toward items and services that will make it much easier to maintain this blog. For example, the next target on my wish list is a new laptop. The old one is dying, and with this condition of lymphedema in my legs, I can’t sit much by a desk computer, so the obvious tool for working on this blog is a laptop.

If you would like to contribute, please send something our way via PayPal, any amount is appreciated.

Alternatively, if you or your company are in the position of offering products or services that are relevant to the subject of this blog (mainly: managing lymphedema, but also general health and wellness, especially after cancer), as part of your PR/marketing, I am open for partnership opportunities. Please head to the Work with me page.

Thank you for your support!


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