Work with me

Are the customers of your company interested in managing lymphedema, but also in general health and wellness, especially after cancer? If you are interested in offering relevant products or services as part of your PR/marketing, I am open for partnership opportunities.

Mission statement:

Is it possible to be lymphedema-free, once you’ve got it? Let’s find out how!

If this is in alignment with what you do, consider working with me.

What I can do for you:

reviews, online and offline promotion tailor made to your needs, interviews, guest appearances at your event or media show.

As you can see from the Archives, this blog is brand new, but here are some stats to brag about already:

449 views, 294 visitors and 27 subscribers in the first 6 days. Isn’t it a terrific start?

Please help to make Free From Lymphedema a success story, let’s give people back their health and freedom of movement!

My other, relevant online marketing statistics:

– email list of 6000+;

– 4600+ Facebook Friends, plus 1600+ Followers;

– main Twitter account with 1000+ Followers;

– I am also part of several lymphedema/lipedema groups on Facebook, where I am sharing my blog posts, the bigger groups have 4000+ members worldwide. There the conversations are much, much busier than what can be seen here in the blog – people seem to be more comfortable to share their views and experiences in a closed platform than on a public website.

The majority of my readers and people I am interacting with in the subject of lymphedema, are located in the USA.

As for offline marketing: I am permanently traveling, spending weeks or a few months in one country at a time wherever possible (at the moment it’s the Czech Republic), therefore I meet lot of people every day, also at various situations where I am positioned to draw attention: cultural, social or networking events, festivals or fairs.

A few items on my wish list that I would gladly review for you:

– compression garments for legs;

– a laptop (this would be essential, so that I could work with my feet up instead of having to sit by desktop computers, for which my legs would be grateful forever. And I would be grateful forever for an Asus Transformer Book T100AM or a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, for example);

– a smart phone for dealing with social media on the go (right now I am preparing for my next longer trips and Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is a love for the first sight, so far unrequited);

– a foldable mini trampoline for travel;

– a foldable roller scooter or a kickbike (oh, gotta LOVE those!);

– a hand-held blender for smoothies;

– health food and nutritional supplements;

– cosmetic and personal care products (I guess that would be organic);

– massage;

– aquatic therapy/spa/swimming;

– other wellness/fitness services that might improve this physical condition: not really yoga or gym (those bore me to death, take no offense), but I will happily do hiking, biking, dancing, skating, ice skating and similar activities;

– clothing items that are sweet to a girl with swollen legs – yoga pants and such, long skirts or dresses. (Who knows, they might even end up on stage or in a movie: I am a singer and sometimes also do acting or modeling jobs). Clothing items for lymphedema arms, other body parts or for men, are not something that I can personally test, but they could be great as giveaway for blog subscribers;

– shoes, shoes and shoes.

If you can think with any of these or something else that can be beneficial for the visitors of this blog and that I can provide something for you that you are looking for, please email me via the form below.

Skype: andrea.gerak

Looking forward to co-operating with you,
Andrea Gerák

Break time at a commercial shooting, Hotel Evropa Prague
Break time at a commercial shooting, Hotel Evropa Prague


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