Nothing on this website is intended to diagnose or treat a medical condition – if you have one, please consult a licensed practitioner.

I am simply a 40-something woman who took up the challenge to be healthy, despite of having been struck by various conditions: have had a very serious hepatitis, a mild cervical cancer and right now the challenge is lymphedema, only to mention the biggies.

Open to try recommendations, treatments, products, methods myself, on this blog I am sharing whatever I found workable. If something wasn’t good, I will tell that, too.

In some cases I am recommending products or services where I will get a compensation, if you buy it through my link – the price will be the same for you, or you might even get discounts, and I get a few bucks or cents from the company that sells the product, which over time might make up an amount that will buy me a new pair of compression garment or such.

In other cases, i am recommending something where I have no any interest, for example food stuff that you can get from your local grocery or health store.

I even recommend things you can do or use that are free.

In every case, my intention is that if something has helped me, it might help others too, therefore I share it.

Exception: you might see random ads at the bottom of the posts. That’s a WordPress thing, I don’t have much control over it, I don’t even know what kind of links appear there. My blog is a young baby and I am still figuring out how the whole system works.

If you have any questions, please send me an email to lymphedemafree@gmail.com

Andrea Gerak

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