Update – and a baffling question about swollen legs

A long due update on my quest for being able to display my pretty legs in mini skirts, sexy shorts, heels and sandals again, and one question that staggers me, big time.

First of all, thank you everybody for reading and following this blog, the Free From Lymphedema Facebook Page or Group, sending me emails! In recent months, I have not been online too much. And, I decided not to talk or even think much about the subject, but just do things that I think will be good, and then share only the results.

Also, I stopped worrying about what is wrong with my legs, what is the proper medical term for my condition, what type of Lymphedema and/or Lipedema it is. I am more interested in handling the root cause of why my legs are thicker than they should be, than labeling the situation according to official medicine which seems to be more interested in coming up with stickers and treating body symptoms only, than looking at a person as a whole system of Body, Mind & Soul and find where exactly a problem is.

Okay, this last paragraph was a little bit rant-ish… But I think it can’t be said enough times: if the only “solution” of a method to some problem is that “There is no cure for this and this condition” while there are people who do get well and heal themselves, then it’s worth to look into other methods that actually might work. What do you say?

So here is an update on what is going on over here, the Good and the Bad.

1. The Bad: My legs are NOT thin yet, at all. It is still a huge challenge to find clothing that fit to my Small/Extra Small upper body and my unproportionally large legs. Not to mention shoes: ideally, I would wear 37.5-38 (4.5-5 US), but now it is 39 (6 US), due to my swollen feet. And I only put on something else than trainers or special outdoor shoes and boots when I definitely must dress up (for stage and such occasions).

The Good

I am getting rid of some extra kilos that I had gained sometime last year – I just mysteriously grew, all over my body, no clue why. Now from my hips and above, I am lean again.

Also, about one year ago I needed Size 7 compression stockings (from Maxis, on a scale to 10), and since a half year or maybe more, it is only Size 4. Yuppee!

Actually, wait: I did buy a pair of 37.5 size shoes last week! Sometimes it does press my foot on one point but generally it fits and feels like gloves!

2. The Bad

Goes with the big size of my swollen legs and feet that sometimes they also feel heavy and they require my attention.

The Good

Let me repeat this: sometimes they feel heavy. Only sometimes. As opposed to always, like it used to be for about two years.

Now I can walk, hike, sit, dance, and often I don’t feel at all that I have some issue with my legs.

I get compliments all the time on my dancing; these days I am not only doing it for fun but sometimes I again perform dancing, too – one of the best changes in my life since eons: dancing had used to be my heart beat and breath for 15 years, but then I stopped a good 25 years ago which was a terrible loss for me ever since…

Now the Dancer in me is rehabilitating and I can’t find words to tell how does it feel – is there anything in your life that you would love to restore or take up again, or maybe start doing at all? Can you imagine how awesome that would be…?

Now I am telling you: if people regard me with my thick legs and with my long-gone career as a professional dancer, and I have the best fun when doing it after a quarter of a century when I would often be crying for not being able to take up dancing again, and I had no idea why I simply couldn’t do that – you too, can do anything your heart desires!

In the next post I will share something about the holistic therapy I started at the end of April, which is helping me and which is giving other, amazing results as well.

(In the meantime, the other elements of my treatment that I have been using: 1. Drinking lots of water with pink Himalayan salt in it, one small pinch to one cup of water, 2. Wearing compression stockings, 3. Dry brushing my body before shower.)

But first, a baffling question, though, maybe somebody can answer: when I sit on the bed or sofa with stretched legs (which feels fantastic for a few minutes, especially after being on my feet the whole day), after maybe 20-30min or so they will become heavy, tight and blown up so much that I hardly can bend my knees – when sitting so is supposed to bring them relief. 

It is even worse when I elevate my legs, the absolutely worst is putting them up against the wall! Which is supposed to be wonderful for the legs, hips, back, for the intime area of women, for the circulation bringing fresh blood everywhere in the body, rejuvenating your face and brain and everything – a highly recommended miraculous healing position, right?

It doesn’t seem to be that for me, though: it gives me a fantastic relief only for the first two or three minutes… After that, hundreds of little ants start crawling all over my legs, and soon my limbs feel lifeless and totally full with those terrible needles, not to mention that they are much more swollen than before!!

This happened yesterday: I was practically sitting the whole day on the stairs (I find this more comfortable than sitting orderly on a chair by a table plus, in the house where I am staying now, that’s where I get the best Wi-Fi), except for doing six loads of laundry and going just accross the river to the supermarket which was a 15-minute walk, in total.

By the evening, my legs and feet were much smaller than anytime in the past one year or so! I could feel bones, yay! and in high boots with good heels, my pins could have passed okay in short skirts. My compression stockings felt too big, and after a quick dip in the river, I could enjoy being with naked legs for longer than normally. What a liberating feeling!

Evening dip in the Vltava (Moldva) river

But I wasn’t going out in the town to show my legs off, instead, I went to bed with the hope that by the morning they would become even better. Guess what happened:  after being in a laying position and sleeping, my legs would swell. Not too much, but that prettyness (prettiness? which one is correct?) was definitely gone, within an hour or two 😦

Does anyone else experiences something like this? Can anyone explain why can this be?

And stay tuned for details of this fascinating, rather simple and surely inexpensive method I was just talking about!

*****Oh, I almost forgot!!! A very important improvement.*****

3. The Bad:

Long months ago, the edema had extended up onto my entire pelvic area, including my more private parts.  To big lumps of swollen tissue wandering about the belly and the waist of a woman, add edema and hardening of Labia Major, with a slight pain… Ugh, that is utterly unsexy.

The Good:

In the past weeks, in these parts the edema reduced a lot, and down there, almost completely disappeared!!! My abs is (are?) getting back into its very toned form, and no need to tell about what a difference it makes to have a normal pussy again…

Now, THIS is what gives me the greatest hope of that full healing is possible for lymphedema, lipedema or whatever the heck it is with my legs, and I am going in the right direction toward it.

Be happy and healthy,

Andrea Gerak

Andrea Gerák (also spelled as Gerak) is a Hungarian artist, mostly known as a singer. She is also photographing, dancing, writing, and forever learning through her journey in the world, living out of a suitcase. Her attention turned to healthy living after a cancer surgery in 2008. Proud mom of a big boy.

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