Progress after 7 months

It’s time to post another progress update, and I am not sure when will be a next one, for I will not have good internet access for a while.

What am I doing recently for my legs with lymphedema and lipedema:

1. Drinking water with salt. Yes. Salt. I don’t care who finds it non-scientific, dangerous, harmful, as I got these comments from several people so many times in the past half a year. The only thing I am interested is: Does it W-O-R-K? If yes, I like to do it. If no, I don’t. Simple.

Normally it would be a pinch of Himalayan salt in one cup of water I drink, but last week I was in Karlovy Vary and was drinking from the hot spring fountains. I did not study the components of waters coming from the various springs, but boy, do they taste salty! A typical fountain looks like this:


2. I also drink a few cups of some tea with a detoxifying effect, like Ahmad Detox Tea. Another one is a blend of various herbs that I find here the Czech Republic in the supermarkets, but always forget to note down the ingredients before throwing the box away. As far as I remember, there is peppermint, cinnamon and in one variation, ginseng in it.  Ridiculously cheap, not even $1 for a box of 20 bags, which is nothing, even here in Central Europe. Also, somebody left a huge bag of yerba mate tea in the hostel kitchen, so I am drinking that, too – love it, better than green tea!

3. Dry brushing my skin before the shower, at least once a day.

4. EFT tapping. More about it in the previous post: Tapping for your health
I do that for various topics, not only for my legs of for my health in general, but for any life issue that bothers me in one way or other.

So far, these points above were pretty much the same as what I started doing in the beginning of August, and I have already written about how they worked, here, here and here.

Recent additions:

5. Less sitting by the computer, more exercise. Exercise means lots and lots of walk, and light hiking. There are days when I am on my feet for 7-9 hours outside, with maybe 30 minutes sitting down inside, altogether.
I am changing Prague, where I have been sitting by the desk computers of the place where I am staying, way too much, for Karlovy Vary where I will not have computer access, and I will be traveling to many other places, as well.

Last Sunday morning:


6. I stopped worrying about the condition of my legs: I don’t really give a damn any more if it is called lymphedema, lipedema, lipo-lymphedema or what not, and whether it is hereditary, secondary, or whatsoever scientifically diagnosed and categorized. Learning more about health in general, I am getting more and more into the holistic approach, and am convinced that the current state of my legs is only a manifestation of some problem that I need to handle with myself, on a broader scale. Therefore I am not too much concerned about trying to treat the symptoms.

7. There is one more thing that I am trying but it would be too early to say anything about it yet.

I still haven’t done anything more of the standard lymphedema treatment, than only one session of nice lymphatic massage at Canadian Medical Care, back in October, and religiously wearing the compression stockings. 

My diet and sleep still give me huge opportunities for betterment, I’d rather not talk about them now, ugh.


(Beyond that since half a year, no more red hot chili pepper look & feel of my skin, and also, my legs and feet are pain-free): 

Two sizes smaller compression garments since October!!! It means minus 4-5 cm (1.5-almost 2 inches) in circumference, on each leg.

At the moment, my feet, ankles and lower legs are much slimmer than before, showing a lovely shape again and the tissue has loosened up a lot, the lymphedema part is dissolving nicely.

Much more work to be done on my knees and thighs, with the fat.

Unfortunately, I can’t show pictures of my new prettiness, the memory cards of my camera are completely full.

This is my cute Dr Martens boot though, with my extra wide pants tucked in it, from Sunday on the way up to the hill top where I took the previous photo:


And I have started to look for new dancing shoes, and will cut the rug again, yayyy!

Well, I guess being able to talk about great improvement is a decent contribution to the Lymphedema Awareness Month which is now, in March. I was almost going to write a rant about particularly that in a separate post, but I don’t want to waste more time on it, already went down on it hard here: In few poignant words… 

Also, almost forgot to mention one change that I have done: I am much, much less active in the lymphedema community. Now, this might not sound positive to you, let me explain.

I was already kicked out from a big lymphedema group on Facebook, because my views were considered “harmful to the members”, and now I left another big group, almost never check the lipedema group I am part of, and stopped reading most of the lymphedema blogs, sites and pages I had followed: all the attacks, calling me names and other negative comments when I have shared anything of what I am doing, which are bringing me a great improvement, or shared my opinion or experiences, were just sucking my energy. Who needs that when working on healing oneself?

Plus, I am not interested to read again and again that “there is no cure for lymphedema”, “lymphedema is an incurable disease”, “you have to live with lymphedema for the rest of your life”, etcetera, etcetera.


Mountain bike race at Prague castle, 2015. Photo: Andrea Gerak
Mountain bike race at Prague castle, 2015


It is part of the cure - Seneca quote
A healthy, beautiful red apple

My Facebook page Free From Lymphedema is tiny, even tinier is the group with the same name, but people are joining, thank you very much!

Thank you very much everybody who is sticking around, I appreciate your support!

And I don’t claim to be an expert in lymphedema, lipedema or any health matters, I am simply a woman, learning about and trying out things to see if they help me to deal with some conditions, and I share what I find useful, with the hope that it might help somebody else as well.

Next week I will be staying at a place with a swimming pool, and sometime in the coming weeks, I will start dancing again, can’t wait 🙂

Be well and do well, too,

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Andrea GerakAndrea Gerák (also spelled as Gerak) is a Hungarian artist, mostly known as a singer. She is also photographing, dancing, writing, and forever learning through her journey in the world, living out of a suitcase. Her attention turned to healthy living after a cancer surgery in 2008. Proud mom of a big boy.

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4 thoughts on “Progress after 7 months

  1. Salt is unjustly vilified. You actually NEED a certain amount to function. Here’s an interesting article about it, for instance:

    I’ve tried Yerba Mate in the past but really didn’t like the flavour. Perhaps it could be mixed with something nicer-flavoured to make it more palatable?

    Sitting down less sounds like good advice for a lot of people. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you very much Traxy for your comment and for the link!
    Let’s see how medical science develops regarding the subject of salt… In the meantime I continue drinking it 🙂

    Not sure what can you do with mate tea, because I almost like the taste as it is. I tried it once in the traditional way, from a gourd or what is it called, and loved it, it was similar to black tea. Now I drink it much more diluted and it is more similar to green tea, just not that “grassy”.
    I read that one can drink it with honey and milk – I guess there must be variations to experiment with.


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