I need help with choosing compression stockings

Whoever reads my blog and can advise me in choosing the right compression stockings, I would be grateful for the advice.

I have a new pair of pantyhose which doesn’t work for me: the circumferences seem to be good on the legs, but the entire thing is too long, although a Short size. I have to pull up the whole garment almost to my breasts, otherwise the material will collect and wrinkle wherever my ankles, knees and thighs bend.

But of course, it will not stay up there, so I have these creases cutting into my skin the whole day, at several points.

Also, it is too large on my butt and waist.

My measurements:
above ankle:            32cm (12.59 inches)
calf:                           46cm  (18.11)
below knee:             44cm  (17.32)
thigh:                        66cm  (25.98)
length, inner side:  70cm  (27.55)
waist:                        64-66cm (25.19)
height:                      162cm  (5’31”)
clothes size:              36 (US 6, UK 8)

I have had thigh highs that worked alright, except that the top edges were either too tight and cutting into my skin, or too loose and falling down all the time, depending on how my legs were changing in the course of the days. And they were too much visible under pants.

That’s why I was hoping that with a pair of pantyhose, this would not be a problem.- but I am open to try other thigh highs as well.

Is there any make of compression garments for my legs that would fit with these measures?

It shouldn’t be such a very special thing for a quite normal size woman to find the right garment.

2015 Oct 12
The T-shirt and the skirt should be 1 size smaller for my nice, slender waist 🙂

Which brand of compression garments would have something for me? 

It is a pretty urgent matter, for this is the only pair I have at the moment and it doesn’t do good to my legs. They began swelling again within a week I started to wear them, and it is not getting better…

Thanks in advance!

Be happy and healthy,

Andrea Gerak

Andrea Gerák (also spelled as Gerak) is a Hungarian artist, mostly known as a singer. She is also photographing, dancing, writing, and forever learning through her journey in the world, living out of a suitcase. Her attention turned to healthy living after a cancer surgery in 2008. Proud mom of a big boy.

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3 thoughts on “I need help with choosing compression stockings

  1. Sadly this is why many people have to wear custom made as the off the shelf ones rarely fit well everywhere… This is where the biggest problem is as the custom made are so expensive… I guess all i can suggest is to go to the various sites and check the measurements.. I buy mine via Ames Walker in the US ..they have there own brand which are a very good price plus many other brands.. There are sizes for all of them all…they also have various lengths.. Sorry not to be of more help but you will find something that works and then you stick with it …

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    1. Thank you very much Helen!
      I have not heard of Ames Walker and now checked out some of their own products – indeed good prices and they got good reviews too. I think I will contact them to help me with the sizing better.

      And how are you doing? How are your legs in the past almost 2 months?

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      1. Since I had the Lymph node transfer my legs are better… Not a cure but much softer…. Smaller by about an inch all over… No infections which is a big thing for me … I wear a stocking during the day and nothing at night … I can go a few days with no compression but then have to wear it again … I am in a wheelchair which makes it harder to manage as both ankles swell.. Oedema… From sitting ..this always goes away at night… I have a machine to exercise my legs that helps a lot … I follow a healthy diet … Try to avoid salts and fats… It all helps but does not go away totally!!!! Yes I have bought from Ames Walker for years .. I order them and they send to Australia.. I order the medium stocking in their brand … They are a bit tight on thigh but rest is very good with no creasing… Have tried others but they never fit right …even the custom made end up no good and too expensive … Good idea to call them for sizing… Helen


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