Motivation Monday: Shoes

Something to think about…

(And maybe one day, we can also wear such a pair of beauties like this Prada here)

Andrea Gerák

Shoes. They are nothing more than lifeless objects that are touching the dirty ground so that your feet don’t have to, and keep your feet warm and away from stepping into sharp stones, biting insects and the filth of the streets.

How important are your shoes?

Sometimes it takes a lot of shopping to find a right pair that looks exactly how you like it: you have to visit several shops, try on many different ones, walk in them a little without the obligation to buying anything, and also happens that you will even need to return the pair you have bought, because when you start to wear it, it will turn out that the size is wrong, or you find a manufacturing fault – or somehow you can’t make friends with them, they are not how you have imagined it in the shop and you change your mind.

Shoe shop


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