Progress after 2 months

Another month passed by since I have introduced a few changes, which in turn, changed my body quite a lot. Not only my legs improved but generally my health!

A quick recap of what I have been doing:

  1. I started to drink 2 liters of water a day with SALT. Yes you read it right. Salt. One small pinch of pink Himalayan salt to a cup (2.5dl=8oz) water.
  2. I also drink 2 or sometimes 3 cups of Ahmad Detox Tea
  3. Dry brushing my skin before the shower, at least once a day.
  4. EFT tapping

See all the details here: Progress after one month

And the progress is continuing, yay!!

Same shoes, same feet, but something is different and it’s not just the color and lights. Click on the pictures to view them in larger and see the laces:

(BTW, I am getting nice comments on these shoes – unfortunately can’t find it anymore, but Tamaris has many other lace-ups. For lymphedema feet, it’s very practical to be able to regulate the size of the shoes; the swelling may vary during the day and it’s good if you can adjust your shoes. Plus, I found that lace-ups will give an additional support and a little extra compression, which feels nice.
This company seeks to provide pretty but comfortable shoes, with anti-shock protection in the heels and cushioning for the balls of the feet. Scroll down on the page to imagine what my shoes and feet have to bear with, and you will understand why this is my choice…)

Results so far:

  1. My feet and legs keep reducing, the edema on both legs has improved a lot: now it’s only in the lower legs and feet but even there it has reduced and loosened up quite a bit. My knees and thighs are smaller, there is no fluid in them. Not a long ago it was very difficult to bend my knees, especially the right one and it felt like a huge cushion, filled with water. That is of the past!
    Now my legs feel generally lighter and it is a lot easier to move them. But still have to get down the fat – I guess that must be the lipedema part. (I need to do some more research on that, because I only discovered maybe 2 weeks ago that that must have been with me already for a long, long time…) It is definitely much better though: the jeans that almost burst on me in July, look ridiculously baggy now…
  2. Also my hips & butt are pretty much back in shape: I can wear again those sexy pants, proudly 🙂
  3. I even used to have cellulite for some months on my thighs and buttocks – GONE. (On a side note: my cellulite was not really terrible, but if yours happens to be a bitch, you might also consider trying Renu 28 Gel with a 30-day guarantee, see a few results here and it will also help you with redness, itching, hotness and other ugly skin conditions, like these here)
  4. I also had quite some serious stretch marks on my thighs – now it’s only a very few, fading away.
  5. All the remaining redness on my skin of the lower legs is gone. I only get some funky color when I do the dry brushing and take a shower: it does look like stuff is moving around below the skin of my legs – well, that is what dry brushing supposed to do, get things moving again!
  6. And probably this is the best part: the unbearable pain in my feet that had been torturing me in most of my life only after a little walking or standing, now apparently said goodbye to me! I can walk and walk for long hours, WITHOUT THE STUBBING PAIN!
    I can’t tell how grateful I am for this. And again, mind you, this is what we have here (just to decorate this page a little bit):

    Cobble stones in Novy Svet, Prague
    Cobble stones in Novy Svet, Prague
  7. Tingling, pins&needles and hotness in my legs practically disappeared. Tingling still happened maybe 4 or 5 times in the past 6 weeks or so, but only for a few minutes. Then I would drink one or two cups of water (yes you guessed it right: with the pinch of salt) and my legs are fine again, immediately.

If all this is something inspiring for you, here are again the steps of what I have been doing – they might help you too.

Still haven’t done any standard treatment: no wrapping, manual lymph drainage or other massage, exercise – I am only wearing compression stockings during the day.

I bought a new pair yesterday from Aries – they are not absolutely perfect, because it’s a full hose and it’s a bit too big on my hips and ridiculously huge on my waist, but at the moment I didn’t have a big selection to choose from. (If you happen to work for a company of compression garments and can offer a pair of stockings that I could test and review, please contact me)

That’s all for now, isn’t it awesome? I am really excited!

All this has cost me about $25 so far, for the 2 months (okay, here in Central Europe the prices are a bit better than let’s say, in the US – but what do you get for this price range, anyway?), and maybe 15 minutes of my time daily.

Can you afford this much to try and see for yourself if these tips are something good for you, too?

Tomorrow I will go and see a Physioherapist for the first time, at Canadian Medical Care in Prague – I am curious about what she will have to say, and I am certain that my legs will be doing even better!

And please, if you decided to try these steps, do share with us how it is going! 

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Be happy and healthy,

Andrea Gerak

Andrea Gerák (also spelled as Gerak) is a Hungarian artist, mostly known as a singer. She is also photographing, dancing, writing, and forever learning through her journey in the world, living out of a suitcase. Her attention turned to healthy living after a cancer surgery in 2008. Proud mom of a big boy.

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4 thoughts on “Progress after 2 months

  1. A lady just told me this on Facebook:
    “Your tips on your blog have been working well for me (apart from today too hot). Thanks!”

    I don’t know what am I more excited about: to experience all these good things myself, or that somebody else is getting better, too!


  2. Hi Andrea, I found your blog through your post on Kathy Bates video. I’ve had lymphoedema in my left arm via a breast cancer lymphectomy for about 18 months and it’s stayed pretty much under control. I had reconstruction surgery where the surgeon transplanted a lymph node from my groin to under my arm so I thought I was pretty much set just wearing my compression sleeve and hoped it might go away completely, which it apparently can do with the lymph node transplant. However, for reasons I cannot explain it’s really flared up in the last week. I know EFT well but haven’t done it in years and I also did skin brushing for a short time for the lymphoedema. I will take them up again with a vengeance (I enjoyed following Brad Yates’ video). I’ve just drunk a glass of water with a pinch of Pakistani volcanic salt and will drink 2.5 litres per day of that. I will also find the tea or if I can’t find that one exactly something similar (shouldn’t have too much trouble living in Sydney). I admire your success in healing your problem by yourself with a few key techniques and thank you for sharing. Will keep you posted. Regards, Petra

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Petra, I am sorry for the delay, only found your comment now…

      Thank you so much for your words! And yes please keep us updated.

      I guess if you can’t find this exact same tea, you can just blend it yourself – or contact the company and ask how can you get it:

      All the best, and I hope you enjoy the summer down there!


  3. Amen for your postings!!!! It is so refreshing to see it CAN be done…thank you for pioneering this for us (insert heart emoji)


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